Tired of fighting patriarchy.

Is patriarchy a way of life or women like being submissive?
Does a woman have to be labelled as a ‘feminist’ to question the patriarchal set-up? If only a handful of women fight to break out of the shackles of this inhumane and violent society, why should the other women talk about equality, because ‘equality’ is a joke!
When we reflect on the feminist movements over the years, we realise that fundamental rights and freedoms wouldn’t be give to us, but we had to take it. It was a task, but we did it.
Today women technically have their rights on paper, but who really cares about it’s letter and spirit?
100 women die every month in Bangalore because of the violence
Inflicted on them in various forms, but this is just a number. The disappearing women have just remained as a count.
Today we protested in Victoria Hospital Burns Ward to shift the general casualty ward(ground floor) to a different OPD centre on the campus. This protest came after lobbying with the government for 16 years. The infection in the general casualty spreads infection to the burns ward which is on the first floor. The women admitted in the burns ward come with severe burns and die due to the infection.
But who gives a damn about them anyway. They’re second rate citizens in the eyes of everyone. The government has carried their ‘let the women die’ attitude and will continue to do so.




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