To be or not to be an intellectual?

It’s hard to understand the labels that are attributed by the so called called pseudo-intellectuals. If you connect with another human being, you become a ‘humanist’; if you think practically you’re a ‘pragmatist’; if you’re against the institutions established by a system you become a ‘Marxist’ otherwise you’re just a ‘structuralist’. The intellectual sphere instead of being liberal in approach is now viewed in black and white. Cynicism and reason was what intellectuals are respected for, but unfortunately cynicism is overrated. The intellectuals have isolated themselves from reality, reality being, interpreting reason and logic to the present scenario. India as a country is not short of the cream-they like to be called that- but their acumen, knowledge is monopolised and restricted to the intellectual sphere itself. There is no theorising or duty to theorise this level of understanding any issue/ conundrum beyond the sphere. They are territorializing the sphere! Intellectuals were meant to bring perspective, but instead, look down upon the ones who least know.


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