Tired of fighting patriarchy.

Is patriarchy a way of life or women like being submissive?
Does a woman have to be labelled as a ‘feminist’ to question the patriarchal set-up? If only a handful of women fight to break out of the shackles of this inhumane and violent society, why should the other women talk about equality, because ‘equality’ is a joke!
When we reflect on the feminist movements over the years, we realise that fundamental rights and freedoms wouldn’t be give to us, but we had to take it. It was a task, but we did it.
Today women technically have their rights on paper, but who really cares about it’s letter and spirit?
100 women die every month in Bangalore because of the violence
Inflicted on them in various forms, but this is just a number. The disappearing women have just remained as a count.
Today we protested in Victoria Hospital Burns Ward to shift the general casualty ward(ground floor) to a different OPD centre on the campus. This protest came after lobbying with the government for 16 years. The infection in the general casualty spreads infection to the burns ward which is on the first floor. The women admitted in the burns ward come with severe burns and die due to the infection.
But who gives a damn about them anyway. They’re second rate citizens in the eyes of everyone. The government has carried their ‘let the women die’ attitude and will continue to do so.




To be or not to be an intellectual?

It’s hard to understand the labels that are attributed by the so called called pseudo-intellectuals. If you connect with another human being, you become a ‘humanist’; if you think practically you’re a ‘pragmatist’; if you’re against the institutions established by a system you become a ‘Marxist’ otherwise you’re just a ‘structuralist’. The intellectual sphere instead of being liberal in approach is now viewed in black and white. Cynicism and reason was what intellectuals are respected for, but unfortunately cynicism is overrated. The intellectuals have isolated themselves from reality, reality being, interpreting reason and logic to the present scenario. India as a country is not short of the cream-they like to be called that- but their acumen, knowledge is monopolised and restricted to the intellectual sphere itself. There is no theorising or duty to theorise this level of understanding any issue/ conundrum beyond the sphere. They are territorializing the sphere! Intellectuals were meant to bring perspective, but instead, look down upon the ones who least know.



When you make someone happy there’s a sense of satisfaction. The essence of being is justified. That smile on their face and the feeling of belonging-most definitely-doesn’t seem to shake off. You take long deep breaths and suddenly everything feels calm. It’s like the feeling you have when you were kissed for the first time. Earth is still and yourself being fixated. That look of love.




Sarita and her son Sharat Kumar
Where there is love there is happiness. This we forget most times and hurt the ones we love the most.
Sarita’s husband beat and tortured Sarita throughout their marital life. He burnt her hands or legs if she refused to obey him. He was a chronic alcoholic and a junkie. But Sarita devoted her life to serve the monster. Sarita has three children. Two girls who live in hostels and this monkey boy who was rescued from the monster’s clutches. Today Sarita is safe, but there are so many women out there who await the moment of freedom.


Baby Rumi mumma


Ameena has been in pain. She has been in pain for a while now. She’s waiting for a miracle, a miracle to come save her and her baby. She laughs with us, but she’s not happy. She’s helpless and so am I.
I met her six months back. She thinks of me as a confidant. I look at her and disbelieve. Her life is nothing but hardships.
I want to help her, but I never see a start. I want to sit her and calm her down. But she’s flooded with words and thoughts and feelings. Will my words do any good to her? Will I comfort her in any way?
But for now, I just sit back and think. This is life and we all need to live it.